Cremation Memorials

Our cremation and small memorials are handcrafted with the same skill, time and dedication as our traditional full-size headstones.


A broad selection of personalised cremation memorials


Third-generation family-run monumental masons


Over 30 years of experience


Outstanding Craftsmanship


Traditional techniques and hand-sourced materials

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Cremation memorials are a beautiful way to provide a fitting tribute to your loved one. Haven Memorials’ large selection of designs and customisation choices enable each cremation memorial we create and craft to be truly distinctive.

Our Cremation Memorial Designs


Here is a collection of the cremation memorial designs our team of master craftsmen have beautifully produced for our customers. The cremation monuments you see here are only a sample of the many types of memorial designs, sizes and shapes that we can create.

Cremation Memorial 1

Black Granite Polished Memorial Tablet

Black Granite Polished Memorial Tablet with Gilded Heart Ornamentation

Cremation Memorial 2

Black Granite Polished Desk Tablet

Black Granite Polished Desk Tablet  with Gold coloured Flower Container

Cremation Memorial 3

Double Heart Memorial on Rests

Double Heart Memorial on Rests with Full Colour Flower Ornamentation

While smaller in size, cremation memorials still present the opportunity to create unique designs and complete individuality. Many of our monuments from our cremation memorials range also have sufficient space to include a detailed inscription to aptly commemorate your loved one.

Granite, marble, limestone and sandstone are among the most popular materials to choose from for your cremation memorial. Our team of experienced and talented monumental masons use hand-sourced stone and high-quality materials from all over the world to produce your smaller cremation memorials. From contemporary to traditional, you can personalise your memorial’s shape, material and design to perfectly mark the life of your loved one.

Memorial Vases


A favourite flower, colour or style of bouquet is a poignant complement to an elegant memorial to remember a loved one. Even smaller monuments can be turned into a self-contained garden that blossoms and blooms during the seasons as it is regularly refreshed with fragrant and colourful flowers.

At Haven Memorials, we look for opportunities to add personal touches to your loved one’s memorial that truly reflect them and their life. In our 30 years of supporting our local communities, we have seen first-hand the beauty, personality and welcome nostalgia that flowers can create for your loved one’s memorial.

Our flower vases come in a variety of shapes and sizes that are suitable for all types of memorials, including headstones, cremations, kerbed and children’s memorials.

Frequently asked questions

Can a larger memorial be produced in a smaller size?

Most of the styles found in our brochure can be created in a smaller or larger size. If you find a design that you would like in a different size than advertised, please talk to one of our specialists and we will be happy to guide you on what is achievable.

Why choose Haven Memorials for your Cremation Memorial?

For over 30 years, Haven Memorials has been creating cremation memorial headstones as an experienced third-generation family-run monumental masons. We have a variety of cremation memorials to choose from.

At Haven Memorials, each and every cremation memorial we produce is expertly crafted by our skilled stonemasons in our fully certified factory and tailored to each person’s unique requirements. We pride ourselves on our expertise in hand-sourcing the finest quality materials, applying traditional techniques, and delivering exceptional craftsmanship to produce beautifully-carved memorials to remember your loved ones.


Third-generation family-run monumental masons


Over three decades of experience


Outstanding craftsmanship


A broad variety of personalised cremation memorials


Traditional techniques and hand-sourced materials


A thoughtful, supportive and comprehensive service

From our wide range of high-quality cremation memorials and designs, we can help you select and create your unique personalised cremation memorial to symbolise the life of your loved one. To add a genuinely distinctive touch, we offer additional features such as marble statues, memorial vases and graveside ornaments.

Haven Memorials can accommodate design requests for cremation memorials, providing the opportunity to add a thoughtful inscription and select the colours, letter style, text and formats from one of our many designs.

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