Headstone Restoration, Cleaning and Renovation

Haven Memorials has been cleaning, repairing and restoring memorials since it was founded in 1987 as a third-generation family-run monumental masons. We take great pleasure and care in returning your loved one’s memorials to a pristine condition that you are proud of.


Over 30 years of experience


Aftercare services to look after your memorials for years to come


A thoughtful, supportive and comprehensive service


Provides services across the South East of the UK

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Memorial and Headstone Repair and Restoration

We provide an exceptional memorial restoration service that ensures your personal symbol of remembrance retains its level of excellence and high quality for years to come. 

Haven Memorials can conduct a large variety of memorial restoration services to bring your memorial back to its original state. Our restoration service includes:

  • Replacing foundations
  • Fixing broken gravestones and memorials
  • Re-levelling memorials which are leaning
  • Repainting, repairing or restoring lettering from inscriptions
  • Replenishing chippings on traditional graves
  • Repointing cement joints
  • Refacing memorials
  • Removing memorials for funerals
  • Disposing of memorials
  • Adding inscriptions to closely reflect the memorial’s existing design

Memorial before and after restoration

Get in touch with our specialist memorials team to discuss the repair, restoration and renovation of your loved one’s memorial.

Memorial Before Restoration

Before Restoration

Memorial After Restoration

After Restoration

Kerbset Before and After Renovation

Kerbset Before Renovation

Before Restoration

After Renovation

After Restoration

Memorial and Headstone Cleaning Service

Memorials, particularly in Purbeck stone, Portland stone and marble, are permeable and so may deteriorate over time. Cleaning your loved one’s personal memorial can help bring its appearance close to how it first looked when fitted and fixed. For a more extensive maintenance service, see our memorial repair and restoration service below.

Memorial before and after cleaning

Contact our team to discuss the cleaning and maintenance of your loved one’s memorial.

Memorial Before Cleaning

Before Cleaning

Memorial After Cleaning

After Cleaning

Why Haven Memorials?

Our third-generation family-run monumental masonry company has been serving local communities across the South and South East for over three decades.

Creating a personal memorial to perfectly commemorate your loved one and celebrate their life can be a daunting and difficult time. We therefore value integrity, compassion and quality above all else. We provide a comprehensive customer service with care and support that is both simple and considerate. At Haven Memorials, we want to make every person feel supported when they call, email or walk through our doors.


Third-generation family-run monumental masons


Over three decades of experience


Outstanding craftsmanship


An extensive collection of memorials


Traditional techniques and hand-sourced materials

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