Memorial and Headstone Inscriptions

A personalised inscription dedicated to the memory of your loved one is a beautiful way to create an everlasting symbol of remembrance for them and their life.

At Haven Memorials, we are dedicated to supporting you with choosing or creating the perfect wording to reflect your loved one that provides a fitting tribute. Our team of memorial specialists has over 30 years of experience in helping you to aptly commemorate your loved one with beautiful and personal inscriptions. If you have an inscription you would like us to place on your loved one’s memorial, you can also submit your own original message for us to inscribe.

All memorial and headstone inscriptions are handled by our experienced and certified craftsmen. You can choose from hand-carved letters or the most up-to-date machine cutting technique for inscription on your loved one’s memorial. We can use gold leaf or long-lasting enamel paint in a variety of colours to create your message. Please note, the use of colour permitted is dependent on the rules of the individual churchyard your loved one will rest in. We will provide guidance on this for you.

Reflecting modern and traditional designs, we also provide a range of lettering and finishing techniques and styles, including flush lead-filled letters for marble or raised lead and painted letters for granite. Based on your needs, we can help you choose the ideal design for your loved one’s personal memorial.

Headstone Lettering and Finishing


At Haven Memories, there are a variety of ways to apply lettering and finishing to your special commemoration. Our expertly skilled craftsmen finish your memorial by hand, so you can be sure your symbol of remembrance is of the highest quality.

  • Hand-Cut is the traditional method of cutting letters into the stone using a chisel, producing a ‘v’ shaped profile.
  • Sandblasted is a more modern method of lettering that uses a computer-generated stencil to produce and lay the letters onto the stone. The stone is sandblasted to produce the letters creating a ‘u’ shaped profile. The letters are then gilded or painted with enamel in a colour of your choice. Please note, the colour you select is subject to the churchyard’s regulations, which we will advise you on.
  • Raised Lead Letters sit proudly on the surface of the stone. Holes are drilled into the stone’s surface before lead is applied to act as an anchor. The lead left on the surface is then meticulously cut by hand to produce the memorial’s lettering.
  • Flush Lead is a similar technique and style to raised lead, with one exception: the letter is firstly cut into the stone before it is then drilled methodically onto the memorial. The lead is then applied and the excess lead removed to produce the elegant lettering on the face of the memorial.
  • Raised Relief Lettering is a style that creates the letters from the stone itself. The stone surrounding the letters is then blasted, raising them. This lettering technique is popular as it is very hard-wearing and requires minimal aftercare.

After you have chosen your preferred lettering style, our team of memorial specialists will provide you with a computerised inscription drawing of how your layout will look once crafted for you to review. You can make unlimited amendments prior to the manufacture of your memorial.

At Haven Memorials, we also welcome enquiries for further inscriptions to be added to your existing memorial. For more information, see our memorial services.

Inscriptions Formats for Memorials and headstones

Here are examples of inscriptions you can choose for the memorial of your loved one. We welcome your personalised inscriptions, and can also help you create an inscription for your memorial that provides an apt commemoration.

In Ever Loving Memory of
A Dear Husband, Father
and Grandfather
1911 – 2005

Treasured Memories of
Our Dear Mother
Who Passed away
Aged 72 years

Alternative Introductions

Here is a selection of introductions you may like to select to personalise your memorial as a symbol of remembrance for your loved one.


  • In Loving Memory of
  • Sacred to the Memory of
  • In Remembrance of
  • In Affectionate Memory of
  • Cherished Memories

A Selection of Texts for Memorials and headstones

Here is a collection of our texts to choose from for your loved one’s personalised memorial. We are here to support you every step of the way and can assist you with crafting your memorial’s inscription text.


  • At Rest
  • Resting
  • Sleeping
  • Abide with Me
  • Rest in Peace
  • Simply the Best
  • In God’s Keeping
  • Thy Will Be Done
  • Peace Perfect Peace
  • Forever in Our Thoughts
  • Not Lost, But Gone Before
  • Loves Last Gift Remembrance
  • He Lives Forever in Our Hearts
  • Gone From Us But Not Forgotten
  • Father In Thy Gracious Keeping, Leave We Now Our Loved One Sleeping
  • Though Her Smile Has Gone Forever and Her Hand We Cannot Touch We Shall Never Lose Sweet Memories of The One We Loved So Much
  • God Found the Path Was Growing Rough, The Hill Too Steep To Climb, So He GEntly CLosed His Eyelids, And Whispered ‘Peace Be Thine’
  • Loved One, Thou Art Never Forgotten, Tis Sweet To Breathe Thy Name, In Life I Loved You Dearly, In Death I Do The Same
  • Loving and Kind In All His Ways, Upright and Just to the End Of His Days Sincere and True In Heart and Mind, A Beautiful Memory Left Behind
  • So Dearly Loved, So Sadly Missed
  • Too Dearly Loved to be Forgotten
  • Resting Where No Shadows Fall
  • The Lord Is My Shepherd I Shall Not Want
  • Rest After Weariness, Peace After Pain
  • Only Goodnight Beloved Not Farewell
  • Until The Day Break and The Shadows Flee Away
  • To Live In The Hearts of Those We Love Is Not To Die
  • God Has You In His Keeping, We Have You In Our Hearts
  • In Our Minds A Constant Though, In Our Hearts A Silent Sorrow
  • To The World He Was Just A Part, To Me He Was All the World
  • God Takes Our Loved Ones From Our Home, But Never From Our Hearts
  • His Life A Beautiful Memory, His Absence A Silent Grief

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