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You can choose from a variety of designs for your a memorial to ensure that you get exactly what you want. At Haven Memorials we provide a range of designs, crests and motifs that will add a personal and distinctive presentation. We are normally able to copy any artwork you may choose to design yourself or alternatively, we can design something for you. We will work with you to design a handcrafted memorial that will reflect the personality of your loved one.


We have been serving the area from Basingstoke to Farnborough for over 30 years. Contact us to discuss your requirements and to find out more about our headstone designs.

Detailed and distinctive designs

Personal headstone inscriptions

Memorial and headstone inscriptions are carried out by our expert craftsmen.  We offer choice of individual hand-cut letters or the latest state of the art machine cutting. Contact us to discuss your requirements.


Lettering can be finished to enhance the quality of the memorial in either gold leaf or enamel paint of various colours (depending on Church Regulations), or for Purbeck, Portland and York stone, a traditional cut only letter may be preferred.


As an alternative to cut letters, we can offer flush lead-filled letters for marble, and raised lead and painted letters for granite. We can guide you as to what would best suit your needs and will work closely with you to ensure you get what you want.


When the memorial design is chosen and the inscription style and finish decided a detailed drawing will be produced for your approval.


At Haven Memorials we can add a design or inscription to an existing memorial. If we are unable to transport it to our workshops it is possible for our craftsmen to carry out the works on site.  


We also offer headstone renovations. Contact us for further information.

Renovations and inscriptions to existing memorials

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